Sedation Dentistry

Has dental phobia kept you from taking care of your oral health? Fear and anxiety in the dentist’s chair can cause some people to skip the regular checkups, cleanings and treatments needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Don’t let such worries impact your dental health and appearance! Cherry Hill NJ sedation dentist Julie Kardon can put your fears to rest by bringing peaceful relaxation to your dental care visits.

These days there are many options for easing the stress of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and other dental procedures for a healthy, beautiful smile. If you have sensitive teeth, a low pain tolerance or anxiety about upcoming treatments, don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Julie Kardon, DMD, and her skilled team members about sedation dentistry.

Conscious Sedation for Carefree Dental Care

Sedation dentistry is a type of dental care designed for people with excessive dental anxiety or those with a strong gag reflex because it helps nervousness and tension melt away. Dr. Kardon is an expert in the latest forms of relaxation, such as conscious sedation, to help calm nerves during dental procedures. With conscious sedation, also known as minimal or moderate sedation, you’ll be awake, but feel very relaxed. Some patients are so relaxed they actually fall asleep during the procedure!

Sedation Dentistry in Cherry Hill, NJ

Call our office at (856) 677-1001 and let our helpful, knowledgeable staff tell you more about sedation dentistry and how we can transform your dental experience. Or fill out the online form to set up a consultation with sedation dentist Dr. Kardon.

At TLC Dental Center in Cherry Hill, such soothing dental care is easy and affordable. Sedation dentistry has been incorporated into our practice because our goal is to make quality dental care comfortable for everyone. We understand dental phobia and how it can impact your wellness.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Getting regular dental care is crucial for your oral health, as well as a professional, polished appearance, so inquiring about sedation dentistry is well worth the effort. Your smile will thank you!